The Southern Folk Cakes Festival 2019 with the topic of "Taste of Southern VietNam"


Highlights Of The Southern Folk Cakes Festival 2018


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Banh Tet

Southern people often use banana leaves to make cakes, not dong leaves, bamboo leaves or jackfruit leaves like some other areas. Packed with banana leaf cake also has a special aroma, when cooked, will leave a special flavor layer difficult to mix.
In particular, Banh Tet is always known as "queen" of Southern cakes. The cake is created with many kinds of sweet and salty benevolence, the most unique is the cleverly packed five-color tart cake, each cut out beautifully like a picture, with the purple color of the magenta leaf, the green of the pandan leaves, yellow of green beans, natural color of sticky rice. What makes pancakes different from Banh Chung is probably in its taste. Southern people's cakes always have coconut milk, which contributes to making cakes more charming and aromatic.


Steamed Layer Cake

In the above cakes, elaborate, difficult to make is Steamed Layer Cake. The cake has many layers of powders and stacks without being sporadic and not sticky. When eating, you can remove each sip. The cake usually has 3 layers: a layer of flour mixed with pandan leaves, a layer of white powder and a layer of flour with green bean paste. People cook separate layers of flour and pour it into the mold. When pouring the cake, it is necessary to wait for the powder to thicken before coming to another layer, the powder must be hot to have adhesion to other powder layers. The special cake smelled of pandan leaves and faintly fragrant flavor of coconut milk.



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